Begin your musical journey! These introductory articles on musical notes and systems are a starting point for anyone looking to dive into the basics of music theory regarding notes and systems. Discover the initial steps to understanding musical notes and lay the foundation for your future musical adventures. Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning of a journey into the depths of music that we hope will bring you much joy.
Why music notation system and notes?
Why do music notation and notes exist? What purpose do they serve?
Discover here what it has to do with the universal language, transmission, interpretation, and preservation.
The Notation System
The notation system and notes serve as the universal language of music, enabling accurate transmission, interpretation, and long-term preservation of musical works. Discover how these elements collaborate to precisely depict pitch, rhythm, and dynamics.
What purpose do clefs serve? How are they to be understood, and what kinds are there?
Discover the basics here.
First principles: The Basic Notes, and how they are notated.
Note Values
The appearance of notes also defines the duration of the sound.